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Our hands are in action every day and much exposed to the sun. Therefore, we should pay as much attention to their care as we do to our facial care. Our FEHH Hand Cream is unique and groundbreaking due to its included UV protection. This way, your hands are not only effectively cared for, but also effectively protected. Until now, we usually wash our hands with aggressive surfactants. These washing-active substances ensure that our skin becomes clean. Unfortunately, they also dry out our skin with every use, because they destroy the protective layer of the skin. Our FEHH hand soap contains mild surfactants for cleaning and also effective ingredients that care for and nourish our skin at the same time. It does your hands good with every hand wash. Why not all soap manufacturers do this is quickly explained: the alternative, mild surfactants are more cost-intensive and the formulas more elaborate and complex to produce. We have deliberately chosen the cost-intensive and long development path in order to set an example and do something good for our skin and our environment. Disinfectants have become part of our everyday life. The alcohol contained in them is not good for our skin. That is why our FEHH disinfectant additionally contains natural glycerine and has a pH value of 5.5 that corresponds to the skin, so that the skin is simultaneously cared for and its acid mantle remains intact.