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FEHH products offer an exceptional haptic, visual and olfactory experience. The human sense of smell has a direct influence on our sense of well-being, which is why we pay special attention to it.

Essential oils are natural fragrances extracted from plants or parts of plants. Our essential oils are supplied by a Swiss manufacturer who specialises in top-quality natural fragrances. As essential oils are potential allergens, we have developed a strategy to minimise this risk in all our products. The International Fragrance Association has laid down guidelines for all essential oils, under which their concentration in relevant products should not exceed the specifications. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, different upper limits apply; this is why we have decided to follow the guidelines for baby skin in order to provide you with the best possible care and protection.
The olfactory system is the only human sense that is directly connected to the brain's limbic system resulting in smells having an immediate and intense effect on people's emotions. We have taken this fascinating feature of fragrances into account in developing our own by using only those essential oils that have a consistently positive effect on the mind and skin. That is why all products in our hand care range contain the identical fragrance composition – our signature scent of lemongrass, thyme and lavender.
We are leading the way with our unique FEHH bottles made from fully recycled aluminium. Processing recycled aluminium that is still as good as new only requires 5% of the energy needed to produce new aluminium. Aluminium can be recycled an infinite number of times without any loss of quality, which means that FEHH bottles generate zero waste. Aluminium's eco-friendly combination of excellent breaking strength and a light weight also makes transportation easier, lowering CO2 emissions. This exceptional breaking strength also offers a powerful competitive advantage for use in homes and public spaces as there is no risk of breakage. Our carefully chosen lacquers – both exterior and interior – protect ingredients while meeting environmental requirements. Our bottles are made exclusively from recycled material and are fully recyclable.
​ Reduce your ecological footprint with our refill bags! Our FEHH aluminium bottles can be used several times before they are recycled. We decided on a large stand-up pouch as a refill bag. Stand-up pouches are space-saving and lightweight and thus save CO2. Our refill bag deliberately contains 3 to 6 fillings for our aluminium bottle, because only then refill really is sustainable and environmentally friendly: through smaller quantities in production, thus less machine time, fewer packaging units and less frequent subsequent deliveries. That's how refill makes sense. We are also working with our manufacturer on a refill bag that is itself recyclable. As soon as the development is completed, we will be happy to implement this project for our environment and inform you about it.

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